This sold for $8,630,750?  Welcome to Apple, Inc.

This is just the photo the Washoe Assessor has on file for 12575 E Interstate 80, APN 84-110-29.  The barn is long gone, replaced by a pretty well completed 19,500 server farm building.  On 19 October in a double escrow, the titular owner (Stonefield) transferred title to Unique Infrastructure (Pavich) for $6,169,260, who turned around and transferred title to Apple Inc. for $8,630,750.  Nice little $35,000 transfer tax fee for the county!  The sale probably included the new data center, but this isn’t 100% clear.  Did Unique Infrastructure pocket a quick $2.5M profit?  Probably not, but also not clear.

The permit history is pretty interesting if you like to look behind the scenes.  The permit was submitted 19 March, well ahead of the Apple announcement.  Construction also started well ahead of the announcement.

AWOL once again this week was a construction permit for Apple’s downtown Reno facility at 5th and Evans.  Rumor has it that the hobos have stripped the earth mover stationed on site anticipating imminent construction for metal.

Snark aside, this is all good.