–  The Montage has reported the sale of their 4th penthouse unit, and that the project is now over 60% sold.  If you exclude the rowhouses, lofts and terrace townhouses (which aren’t being aggressively market right now), I would guess that the tower portion is approaching 75% sold.  Buy now or be priced out forever!

–  Unit 2112 hit the market today as one of the first resale units in the building.  (Montage has locked down their web site, so I can no longer attach the unit plans)  This 1267 SF 2 bedroom unit is listed at $275,000, after being purchased for $180,000 on 25 May 2011.   Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the “fine dianing and all Reno has to offer”.  The irony is that our Diane once held a reservation for a Montage unit.

–  Unit 805 has also hit the resale market, listed at $103,000.  The 643 SF 1/1 was purchased for $83,000 11 July 2011.  The listing photos show just how awkward furniture placement can be in these units.  These resales will be interesting to watch.

– Not about the Montage, but the last of The Incredible Hulks is seeing some “action”.  1005 Kit Carson in Verdi is advertised on Craig’s List for $390,000.

Sold for $140,000 out of foreclosure last June, briefly listed on the MLS for $190,000, and now a steal for $390,000.  This one just keeps getting better with age.