East of Sparks is on a roll.  TRIC (Tahoe Reno Industrial Center – they hate the acronym, but they also own the Wild Horse and new Mustang Ranch) just scored a 300,000 SF data center deal.  HERE is TRICs tear sheet for data centers, which outlines our region’s competitive advantages.

RGJ has some information, but the full press release for the new Rubicon Data Centers project is HERE.  It is pretty hard to tell if Rubicon or Prologis is really the lead partner, but I suspect Prologis.  The State economic development folks haven’t released any information on any tax concessions that were made for this project, and there is no mention of a “prep station” like Apple is planning downtown to support their data farm across the road from TRIC.  My guess is major tax concessions, and no off site facilities.

Are we looking at an inter-county a battle for data farms?  TRIC is in Storey County, while the competing Reno Technology Park, future home of Apple, is across I-80 is in Washoe County.  And does that matter?