So where is the Apple support facility going to be built downtown?  Anyone hoping that this facility was going to single handily ease blight on North Virginia Street is in for a disappointment.  520 Evans at 5th looks to be the site.

Apple needs to be in the Tessera District to collect all the tax breaks they have negotiated, and this site is on the fringe of it.  MAP.  You can click on the little sticky notes for comments.

The project is moving through the Planning process in stealth mode, but it is case LCD13-00023 (site plan and elevations included).  Owner is listed as Northern Nevada Urban Development (Tessera), architect is Cathexis of Reno (think Denovo, the expanded King’s Inn project), and the contractor is United Construction, fresh off their Urban Outfitters distribution center.  Note the very limited parking vis-a-vis the up to 200 employees / consultants mentioned in the City’s agreements.

Wow.  What a sucky unlikely location.  But I guess this explains why the Special Use Permit for Ed’s Knockouts strip club a block away which should have been a slam dunk was denied last month.  I’ve worked on Apple projects before (Taco Towers on Mariani if you are an Apple historian) and they are generally VERY concerned with employee amenities.  This location gives a general impression on how Apple values (and will compensate) the staff who will work here.

If the fairy dust falls on the Tessera project and all the dreams come true, the Apple site will anchor the East end.  If not, it will be another embattled island in hobotopia.