Interesting new listing for 4204 Juniper Creek Road.  Listed for $679,950, it is currently under permitted renovation guided by the Flip This House Team, according to the listing (it isn’t clear if it is being documented for an episode).  The house was last purchased for $264,000 in March 2003, refinanced into a $493,000 125% OptionARM in July 2004. and sold at a short sale for $345,000 on 5 July 2012.  I sense a train wreck in the making.  No matter how much lipstick you apply, it will always be a dunky old house with 8′ ceilings.

– Vintage Pointe Drive – When you face south at Robb Drive at I-80, there are 4 parcels currently in play.  To your right (west) is the TCA parcel.  This is currently wending its way though the grading permit stage to level the hill in fill in the major drainageway.  In front of you  (south) is the Stalled Flying J truck stop property.  Immediately to your left is the Chalk Bluff property, and farther to your right (east) is the 80 acre Vintage Pointe property. The site schematics are a dream, and it is fun to see the earthquake fault lines called out.  But for the first time, the long rumored connection from Robb to 4th Street is depicted (see page 7 of the listing – Vintage Pointe Drive).  What do you think?