There really hasn’t been much interesting to write about lately.  Apple hasn’t broken ground on their data center or downtown support facility.  “Sticks” aka Carterville hasn’t broken ground on the first 2 of their 17 retail buildings at SVA and Thoma Street.  I can’t see any evidence that the Downtown Post Office deal ever closed.

821-829 Marsh – A “family compound opportunity” bough for $1.1M cash in January 2008, then gutted and totally redone.  Hit the market for $2.25M (has some “before” pictures) in April 2010 before being removed.  Relisted at $1.8M in March 2011 and once again removed.  Now listed at $925K.  Given some of the interior design choice made on these historic structures, the new price may be aggressive.

131 Mark Twain – Bought for $201K October 2009, then remodeled with very personal tastes.  Only $250K in loans, so there might be some negotiation room in the $649,000 asking price.  Some more very interesting interior design choices!.

1369 Faland – If you need 10 bedrooms and 6 baths and zoning for your cult, Faland is your place.  Dickson Group bought this one at a Trustee’s Sale for $186,800 back in August 2011, but the seller fought back in court and eventually lost.  $499,990 seems like a dream price.  The listing misrepresents the construction date from the Assessor’s site (1941 vs. 1988), the bedroom count (5 vs. 10), and the square footage (4111 vs. 6111).  Why am I not getting the warm fuzzies over this listing?

4155 W 7th Street – $59K for an acre next to Savemart in the NW?  This property is part of the “Hole” on 7th Street that I’ve had a draft in the queue about for a year.  I LOVE this place and have been tracking it for years!  email me at mike@macassociates if you have any interest in the development potential of this site.

So I thrive on weird and bizarre listings.  Any others out there that pique your interest?