The times, they are a changing.

The Notice of Default is back.  164 were filed in July, double the 83 filed in June and up from 79 in May and 58 in April.

Notices of Sale fell to 128 from 167 in June, 224 in May and 191 in April.   The lack of new NOD action due to AB 284 is finally showing up  in the monthly totals.

Trustee’s Deed fell to 90 from 128 in June, 128 in May, and 125 in April.  A 25% drop from what had been a very stable number.  Interestingly, 43% of the TDs were bought by 3rd parties like NRES, an all time high.  The banks are definitely changing their strategies.
Got a spare $18,500,000?  You could buy 2500 Manzanita  (2490 to the Assessor)  Home theatre with a Jujubes stand out front to help you recoup the mortgage cost!

For just less than $4M, you can score 775 California Avenue.  I could easily live there!

Got a spare $1M to invest in the community?  Drop me a line at and ask me about “The Gro” aka 400 Mill Street.  5 classic bungalows, 8 new row houses, 6 “real” lofts, 11 or so 10′ ceiling apartment lofts, and a restaurant with an organic garden sustaining it as well as all the units.  Schematic Site Plan.    Got a part of that $1M for the community to invest?  The Marmots can tailor your investment to whatever you want to do with your portfolio.   And I would get to be you Awesome Architect!