I thought I had posted about this one, but I guess it was all just private emails.  On June 21, Sierra Canyon filed a Reversion to Land subdivision map for the already approved Village 11 and 12.  I speculated that this could indicate a sale of the Sierra Canyon II project, a major change in direction (non-age restricted, higher density), or just a property tax and HOA fee dodge.

8 days later, Sierra Canyon filed new subdivision maps for Villages 11A and 11B.

–  Original Village 11 and 12.

–  New Village 11A.

–  New Village 11B.

–  Map of the revised Village 11.

The changes?  The original Village 11 proposed 61 lots.  4 lots proposed for Village 12 have morphed into 5 lots for Village 11 along Andover.  The 11 lots on the Sugar Creek cul de sac are dropped in this proposal. (11C or to expensive to build a single load street?)  11A is 21 lots and 11B is 29.  Density along Calloway is reduced by a few units.

So Pulte seems to be in it for the long haul on SCII.  Village 11 represents a major commitment to new infrastructure.  The new Village 11 is actually about 4 units less dense – the crappy lots aren’t selling and Pulte is envisioning something new.

Village 12?  Who knows what is in store?