Cat Pee House is 265 Thoma Street in Reno’s Midtown / West of Wells district.  It is my first collaboration with the Marmots and I actually found the project for them.  They dubbed it Cat Pee House for obvious reasons if you have ever been on site, but the name also differentiates it from their “Hobo in the Basement” house.  The photo essay of the “before” conditions is HERE.

Permits are issued and construction is underway to transform this 1905 5 bedroom  1 bath house into a duplex.  Reno has been efficient and very polite throughout the permit process.

The back porch / kitchen addition has been removed.  It had a rock foundation – literally it was bearing on a rock.  Note the enclosed stairway to the basement to the right.  Can you fault the plan checker from going “HUH?” when reviewing my drawings?

The demoed doors are being donated.  The doors are really short, but the hardware might help out someone renovation their home.

Cat Pee and plaster are not a good mix – we went down to the studs.  Notice the lack of insulation.  Cold cats!

Looking to the NW.  Big surprise, the whole house was framed completely opposite from what was expected – emergency glu-lam time!   And notice that the wall framing is actual 2″ x 3″.  The joists run continuous from perimeter to perimeter, another unexpected but welcome condition.  New bearing walls can be inserted about anywhere.

I think we will be upgrading the lighting a bit.

Coming up next – adding structural support to accommodate the existing conditions, layout approval, then rock and roll.  The new entry doors are already on site.

To date, the Marmot REOFs (real estate opportunity funds) have been mostly friends-and- family with a good deal of personal investment and sweat equity.  I’ve been told they are putting together REOF III that will be much more open to individual and institutional investors.  If you like the idea of “doing well by doing good” and have some spare capital hidden in that mattress, give them a holler.  And tell them Mikey sent you.