That would be the deal, not the casino!  The original reports of the sale were very vague as to which of the Boomtown PNK properties would transfer to M1 Gaming, which would go the St. James Properties SJP, and what Pinnacle would end up keeping.  Now it can be (mostly) told:

M! gets the Casino, all the parking around it the gas station, the RV park, and the land just north of the RV park.  Basically everything east of Boomtown Garson Road north to the river.  The final transfer hasn’t recorded get, but control passed Monday at Midnight.

SJP gets everything else.  All the land north and west of Cabela’s, the residential and casino zoned land south of the freeway tucked alongside Belli Ranch including the Sierra fire station, and some remove land closer to Gold Ranch suitable nothing (there was a huge pot farm bust around here a could years ago).

You can refer to this MAP from the sales brochure to get your bearings.

Either the sale price of the SJP end of the deal was misreported originally, or the deal has changed significantly.  the RGJ reported that SJP was paying $9.3M, plus had an option to pay $3.8M for additional (unspecified) properties.  The final recorded price was $5.3M.  5.3 + 3.8 is pretty close to 9.1.

The one item that really stuck out in this Declaration of Restrictions that was filed along with the SJP deal had to do with truck stops.  SJP is forbidden to even contact Reno to discuss a truck stop west of Cabela’s for 2 years (the restricted property).  What I infer from this is that M1/Boomtown is going to pursue their own truck stop concepts and doesn’t want competition.  3 possible sites:  the existing west parking lot aka “amphitheater” and gas station, the existing parking east of the casino, or the RV park and land just north of it.

Would you be smiling if you closed on virtually all of the easily developable land to the California border the same day that Apple announced they were coming to town?