I haven’t posted a weekly update of Trustee’s Sales for a while.  I get this fresh data from the LPS and Priority Posting sites (links are on the Resources page), and the information is a preview of what will be showing up on the Recorder’s site in the coming weeks.  These 2 site probably capture 50-60% of all Trustee’s Sales action.  Format is amount owing / opening bid / sold amount for the 3rd Party TDs.  Sorry the formatting is a bit ugly – life happens when I import an email to WordPress and it just can’t get fixed.

6/18-22/2012   69 TS Actions

Postponed                         36

Cancelled                           20

REO                                      6

3rd Party                              7

13301 Mount Baldy                         148/20/36

1121 Still Brook                               280/85/98

1185 Lyman                                     258/49/142  ($156K in 2002.  Lowball opening number)

10385 Canyon Country                   398/197/208

1664 Kinglet                                    320/163/192

36357 Everest                                 99/108/145 ($180 HELOC in 2nd position)

10555 Mizpah                                  363/106/125 ($108K in 1992)

6/11-15/2012  67 TS Actions

Postponed                         28

Cancelled                           21

REO                                     9

3rd Party                              8

8532 Timaru                                     548/298/298

13870 Chariot                                  189/52/72

601 Oakwood                                   124/25/33

915 University Park Loop                  465/134/213

2165 Lenticular                                  263/116/149

2857 Melarkey                                   427/314/314

4225 Mira Loma                                 219/77/110

3250 Sandra                                      174/74/82

25% of the TSs were “resolved” (REO or 3rd Party sales) 2 week ago and only 18% last week.  We have been averaging 30% of higher recently.

The listing of the week has to be our very own ant farm house at 5750 Melarkey.  This house went TD 2 1/2 years ago as part of the Chauvin debacle, but the TD was litigated for a couple years.  There was a $840K 1st loan and a $200K HELOC in place, and it is now listed for $339,900.  Certainly another very personal expression ala Hobbit House which is still listed at $3.7M.  any guesses on what the selling price will be?