Town Center Summary – The North retail building has been sold.  The South retail building is still in play.  The lot NE of the Town Center is scheduled to be a “Memory Care” facility.  Somersett HOA (SOA) is trying to by the lot NW of the Town Center.  The Somersett United blog always has interesting opinions about what is going down in the neighborhood

–  SDC Ltd just sold the largest of their remaining holdings.  APN 234-011-40/41 sold to Dale Fritsch for $253,720.  The properties are the big “V” at the top of the map, and the triangle in the middle.  97.92 acres and 28.94 acres.

–  SDC Ltd just transferred 2 properties to Somersett Country Club, Inc. for zero value as common areas.  APN 232-461-04 is an orphan 2306 SF wedge shaped parcel on the way in to the driving range.  APN 232-461-06 is 12,548 SF strip of land along Somersett Parkway that includes the planting strip and paved sidewalk.  Why?  Is the Country Club now going to be responsible for maintenance of this very public strip of land?

–  A revised deed for the Country Club LLC to Country Club Inc. transfer has been recorded.  You Somersett scholars will have to review the documents and let me know if there is any funny business going on here.  But one thing I’ve learned about the ‘Sette handlers is that they are very legally astute and there is almost always something going on in the undertow.