Have you ever wondered about the Verdi Inn?  It is the weird green and white Adam’s Family building at Old US 40 (3rd Street) and Bridge Street in “downtown” Verdi.  The Verdi History Center has a nice write up about the property.  And a Google search of “Verdi Inn” and Images will turn up some nice photos for you – I just don’t want to mess with copyright issues here on the blog.

I drove by yesterday, and it is now surrounded by construction fencing and has an on-site honey pot.  And wow, after sitting vacant for close to 30 years, a construction permit has been pulled – selective demolition to prepare for new improvements.  Does anyone know what is going on with this landmark?  The owner controls a lot of Verdi property.  I love this history stuff!

By the way, it is easy to search Washoe County permits.  Here is the go-to page.  Reno’s Virtual Permit Place is worthless unless you have the permit number, and is a real embarrassment.  Though once you are in, it has a lot of good info.

–  Remember Wild Oats on SVA (South Virginia) just south of Best Buy?  They had signed a lease to move into the old Good Guys space, then were purchased by Whole Foods and the location was closed and the relocation was scuttled.  The building has been vacant for 4 or 5 years now.  I happened to drive by it while going to Brite Glass to pick up a replacement doggie door (bad Dyson!), and saw that construction is going on.  The side bays are being infilled with concrete block, so it seem the 17,000 SF space is going to a single tenant.  Anyone plugged in on this one?  New retail in Reno is a story worth covering.