This is 6895 Sierra Center Parkway.  I think it is the old Mervyn’s.  The NOD is HUGE, but it turns out that this property is only one part of a cross collateralize DDR loan gone bad.

Sorry that I haven’t been reporting as frequently as usual.  We are sort of in a tweener state right now.  The downtown post office deal is just about final, but not closed.  CommRow is back under construction but not opened up yet.  Carterville on SVA is ready to go, but permits haven’t popped yet.  And the deal that will change the face of Midtown forever is in the last stages of escrow but hasn’t closed yet.  It is about to get really juicy around here!

–  Check out Show My Street.  Google Earth and Mapjack on steroids.  Thanks for the link, JB.

– Cat Pee House Update – I can’t wait for the permits to pop so I can share the history and ongoing story of this property with you.  For now, here is the PLAN of what the units will become.   And if you want to be first in line to rent one of these, contact the Marmots.

–  This week on the courthouse steps.  Down to 63 from LPS and PP.  AB 284 is really kicking in.  Rumor is that the April median is going to be up significantly.  Another week of 3rd Party sales beating REOs.

Postponed                          37

Cancelled                           10

REO                                       6

3rd Party                              10

940 Bates                                          140/62/64

2241 Kietzke E                                  124/18/29  15-312-30  Bad deal

13350 Mount Whitney                   154/15/33

990 Robbie                                        222/96/108

585 Connemeras                             388/176/197

2747 Mayberry                                 64/$1/204  Need to check this one out

20951 White Rock                           188/116/117

3980 Cloverbrook                            275/114/158

7180 Indigo                                       113/62/78

17900 Fantail                                    132/33/33

–  What do you want to hear ore about?