Welcome Spring!  Except I have this wacked out robin who insists on repeatedly ramming by bedroom window each morning at 6.  Believe me, I’m not Windex clean yet, and the bird is just winging the window to annoy me and rile the dogs.

–  Villagio – If you have some free time Saturday or Sunday between 10 and 6, stop by the reintroduction of the Villagio project above Lakeridge (links to the project site are embedded in this press release) and enjoy the views and a glass of wine.  Formerly Villagio Della Montagna, a Homecrafters project owned by the owners of Homecrafters that went REO, pricing is about half of the original project.  We really NEED more new $600K homes in a location that makes Somersett look convenient.  Sorry, no balloon aminals or face painting for the kiddos is planned (unless it drives traffic).  And I can assure you that the area around the project doesn’t have any underbrush to clear.

–  Di Loreto –  I’ve got a love/hate thing going on with Perry.  He is the voice of the pro-development forces that wrecked this area, but he rallied support for approval of the flood plain project standards in the South Meadows (though they are still too weak).  This weekend, they are introducing the first Green Built Nevada certified home in their New Editions subdivision.  Is Reno ready to accept and pay for a more sustainable level of design in the new housing sector?  Or would balloon aminals and have a bigger impact on sales?

–  10795 Copper Lake – this house was purchased new for $405,016 in April 2006 with very safe loans.  WFB refinanced it for $246,100 in January this year, and it is now listed as a short sale 3 months later for $205,000.  Realtor shenanigans to get an overbid or a bank that seriously screwed the pooch?

–  This Week On the Courthouse Steps – 114 in Washoe this week, a big jump.  55 from LPS, and 59 from PP.  That’s about double normal from PP, but 80% of the were postponed.  Seems like whoever they clear for made some sort of move.

Postponed                                         70

Cancelled                                           23

REO                                                   11

3rd Party                                            10

3035 Sprout                                     171/99/115

17190 Posey Lake                            234/91/99

1285 Humboldt                                 313/162/182

2140 Brittany Meadows                    382/57/153

2500 E 2nd #1943                            125/9/9

3805 Avocet                                      255/53/53

2216 San Remo                                 234/102/111

4085 Talladega                                 314/194/268

9455 Pine Tree                                  228/100/115

434 13th St                                        49/45/53