–  729 Evans is the Benson Dillon Billinghurst house, listed on the National Record of Historic Place #74001151.  It just listed at $289,900.  Enlargable pictures from the listing are HERE.    The house is certainly “locationally challenged” but is extraordinary.  From the City of Reno Historic Places of Interest page:

Benson Dillon Billinghurst Home
The Benson Dillon Billinghurst Home is of state historical significance because of its association with Benson Dillon Billinghurst, a renowned Nevada educator. From 1908 up to the time of his death in December of 1935, he served as the Superintendent of Washoe County’s Schools. His name and his influence are associated with many reforms and innovations in Nevada education. He was the first educator in the state to introduce the junior high school concept and under his administration five such schools were built and put into operations. He was also a leader and an innovator in industrial, home, and commercial education in the state’s schools.

–  This week on the courthouse steps, 80 Trustee’s Sales were listed on LSP and Priority Post (amount owing / opening bid / sold price):

Postponed                         41

Cancelled                           23

REO                                    10

3rd Party                              6

5420 Coral Reef                              232/98/103

6895 Sunkist                                   243/94/109

5477 Sidehill                                    233/53/63

1450 Idlewild                                   222/66/75

1625 Kings Row                               267/91/108

1469 Foster                                     221/98/105

All six 3rd Party Sales were overbids, but not by a whole lot.  It can’t be a coincidence  that the amounts owing are so tightly clustered, as are the sales prices.   It is like the banks have identified this price band as where they will lower the opening bids to get action.  20% of the TSs were resolved, which is back up closer to normal than  last week.

– Somersett –  Blake AKA the HOA is finally turning over Somersett Owners Association (SOA) to the actual owners come November.  The legal opinion saying he doesn’t have to posted over at Somersett United is just laughable, but the squeaky wheels are going to get their way.  It will be fascinating to watch the election.  I suspect proxy candidates for the active developers (Pulte, Lewis, Toll, et al) will sweep into power and push their own agendas.  Be careful what you wish for, Somersett United!

–  Sierra Canyon – 10 developer houses sold YTD at the Raisin Ranch in Village 10, added to the 22 housed sold last year in that village.  No indication so far that Sierra Canyon II is getting ready to break ground, so there are only about 60 lots remaining in Sierra Canyon I.

–  NRES – Q1 2012 report coming up momentarily.