–  13425 Welcome Way is verging on setting a record for the number of price reductions on a single property.  From $2,495,000 in June 2010 to the current $2,204,500, I count 16 price reductions tracked on Zillow.  This is not a short sale (yet).  Hey, I actually respect (as opposed to like) this house, but at some point you need to get serious if you want to sell it.

–  March Median?  I don’t use the same methodology as RRB but am usually pretty close.  I show the march median FALLING to $144,000.  There will be a lot of realtors tap dancing if the March median doesn’t meet the hype they have been selling to the press and their clients.

–  Food Truck Friday Fiasco – 8 food trucks converged on the old bus station site downtown yesterday evening.  Unfortunately, the community OVER supported the effort and their favorite mobile vendors.  Lines were across the property.  This is such a good idea, but needs some tweeking.  Hey wait, who’s that stud in the brown jacket on the right?

–  Knee Capping the Neighbors? – 420 Leventina Canyon finally hit the MLS today at $299Kafter a long slog through foreclosure.  This house should realistically (as an interested  neighbor) be listed at about $425K.  If this isn’t a trick listing designed to generate over bids, it will throw about 10 neighborhood properties under water comp wise.  Even me, after 11 years here.

–  Cat Pee House –  In for permit to convert it into a duplex as of Wednesday – BLD12-04034.  The owner is excited to let me blog about it, but I’ll remain mum until we actually have a permit in hand.  But you can experience the “Before” photo essay here.  Be glad it is not in Odorama.

–  Remember Chunks about the large land holdings in the West of Wells area?  The chunk at 53, 59, and 63 High Street along with APN 12-111-20 received NODs this week.  The parcels are just East of the proposed Grant’s Landing development, and contain some of Reno’s skankier dwelling units.