Or roundabout 3.  I forget which one.

So what is coming to the Somersett Town Center lot NE of the existing retail/office space (that Somersett Development lost to foreclose)?  A 2 building 30 bed Alzheimer’s (the PC term is “Memory”) Care facility.  Each of the 2 story units include a 2 car garage, hopefully for staff use and not by the residents. Could any other use suck the life out of the Town Center more efficiency?

One of the officers of the LLC now owning the Town Center parcel is listed as Larry (Lawrence K) Skelley.  A quick Google search leads to a VERY interesting prospectus for one of his similar projects – the profit margins age HUGE.

I get the business plan – rich Somersett and Sierra Canyon residents get a place to off-site Mom/Dad/spouse in close proximity and at an easy to visit location.  I think it would be sort of creepy driving by the relatives on the way to pick up a gallon of milk at Scolari’s and not stop in, but maybe that’s just me.  But why the Town Center location instead of the cheaper lot next to the Goddard School just outside the gates?  The Town Center was planned to be the vibrant center of activity for the residents of the 3062 (or 3700 or 5000, but that’s another story) properties in Somersett.

Somersett Development opened up this Pandora’s box when they up-zoned the community to maximize their development potential and changed the pre-approved land uses.  The “assisted living. congregate care, active senior apartments” land use was inserted into the 2009 revision to the PUD Project Book – it was NOT in the original 2003 Project Book. They just didn’t expect to go belly up and lose their properties to foreclosure.  And now all of Somersett faces losing their community hub’s viability to an inappropriate and incomparable land use.

And where is St. Blake chiming in on the appropriateness of this use at this location for Somersett’s master plan?   Maybe he is out golfing or refining his boccie ball skills.

(For you conspiracy theorists, the new owners of the property have the same last name as the Somersett developer.  They lived across the street from each other until Blake moved on in 2010.  Is one of the projects Blake is hanging around to finish as an SOA board member the approval of this project for friends and family?)