The Washoe Recorder’s web site was down all weekend for a successful server upgrade, and then all the county’s systems flaked out this morning for a while.  It’s been tough keeping up with property research, but here are a few oddities for your consideration:

1855 Buckhaven  in Caughlin Ranch just listed for $525,000 as a standard sale.  The house was purchased for $352,000 new on 6/28/2001 though it may have been a model – the Assessor’s photo here is from 1999.  The seller purchased this house at a Trustee’s Sale on March 7 for $399,600 and the transaction recorded today.  The recording was requested by Karen Walker Hill of Ferrari Lund, which is also listing the house, which is another very interesting story.  I may be wrong (it happens!), but I don;t think this TD is going to turn out well.

Driving the Marmots out of their burrow.  A delivery truck driver flying high on smack  passed out and  lost control of his truck yesterday on Holcomb.  He took out a telephone pole, a couple street signs, and the white picket fence surrounding the headquarters of the Marmot Companies, but at least missed their sign.  Glad nobody got hurt.

232-051-10  is one of the commercial parcels that Somersett Development lost to foreclosure / deed in lieu, whatever.  The Somersett Owners Association wanted to purchase the property, since it adjoins the Club.  Unfortunately for SOA, their offer required approval by the board and was therefore public knowledge.  They were apparently out bid by a group of Somersett owners who, rumor has it, plan to open an age restricted private swim club.  I guess there must be some dissatisfaction sharing the Association pool with those damn families with kids who pee in the pool.  Also interesting, the other retail parcel 232-051-09 next to the existing Town Center was purchased out of foreclosure by a party named Smith.

Monday morning is always permit report day.  Reno publishes weekly reports of permit activity, and it is always a way to get a snapshot of what is going on (though Washoe and Sparks aren’t picked up).  Last week, there were 13 permits issued for new SFRs with a value of over $2.7M.  An average week is 2-4 permits.  This is beyond a normal seasonal bump – the builders are anticipating a coming lack of inventory and are getting sticks and stucco up as fast as they can.