My new friend DL is born and bred Reno, an up and coming professional, and has been out looking diligently to purchase his first home for his family.   After a lot of property searching, some false starts, and fretting about the current market conditions and fading inventory, DL struck gold this week and had his offer on a short sale listing accepted.  He has graciously offered to contribute to this mini-blog within a blog, and chronicle his experiences negotiating the short sale process on the (hopefully) road to owning his first home.  The only caveat is that if he closes, we are all invited to a Huck Finn style painting party.

I think this will be an invaluable look into what the REAL home buying process is like here in Reno right now.  The point is to glean insider information on the process, not the property.  So please, no data diving to expose anyone.

It’s one loan. Chase bank. Start the clock

Best of luck to DL on his purchase, and hope he can open a window to the reality of a short sale purchase to the rest of us.