Is the AB 284 Effect starting to take hold?  Are the Investor’s Club members loading up?  Take a look at the February 2012 numbers.

NODs tallied 34 in February. down from 36 in January and up from 28 in December.  A couple of Fannie properties showed up along with some pretty prominent commercial properties, but the major banks/servicers have not found a work around yet to clear their inventory stuck in limbo as a result of AB 284.

NOS fell dramatically to 263 in February from 346 in January and 401 in December, a 25% drop.  There were an inordinate number of HOA related filings to beat Special Assessment liens, so the drop was probably closer to 35% or more. With virtually no properties entering the foreclosure cycle since October, we are working only on backlog.

TDs are pretty interesting.  They fell to 219 in February, down 15% from 257 in January and pretty close to the 223 in December – back into the range we have seen for the last 6 months.  Of the 219 recorded Trustee’s Deeds, 68 (31%) were bought by 3rd parties (NRES, Dickson, Compass, Celerity, and a lot of dilettantes Caughlin Ranchers).  This is nearly double the monthly numbers I have ever seen from the recorded data.

The courthouse steps seem to be getting pretty crowded.  The smart people I know realized the “deals” there were drying up months ago, and are using alternate purchasing outlets.  NRES marches on, and the masses are piling on, too.  I love bubbles!

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