The vestigial F says it all.

All the food service venues closed, only to be replaced by “The Biggest Little Burger Joint” that directly competes with the Little Nugget and their Awful Awful two doors down the street.  How smart is that to do to a marketing partner, CR?

Signs are up for Base Camp Kitchen, which I assume is the old second floor restaurant that was remodeled into a party event space.  If you cannot sustain a profitable food service operation at ground level, how do you ever expect that a 2nd floor venue will be sustainable?

Every major manager has quit or been fired,  GM replaced (more on that in a sec).  All food service folks gone.  CFO canned.  CFO’s husband ran the climbing concession, and they are gone, too.  Candice, the Mouth That Roared, gone.

The latest scuttlebutt is that the current Big Cheese was a bit drunk and disorderly this week, and was out sharing a Doob on the sidewalk.  When a CommRow security staff member  politely suggest that might not be an advisable thing to do, he was throttled and slammed into the building’s concrete wall.  The complaint to CommRow’s HR department backed the Cheese, even with numerous eyewitness accounts to the contrary.  Probably leading to criminal assault charges being filed next week and civil suits after that.  Then the security staff walked out in solidarity.

CommRow was a well-intentioned, though probably financially stupid, attempt to salvage a miss-timed investment.  If any of you can submit ideas to tank the project faster than the course the current management it is pursuing, there is a gift card in your future.  To the CommRow Gift Shop of course, so use it fast.