Reno City Council generally meets at noon on Wednesdays.  The meetings are broadcast locally on Charter channel 213 or you can log in to watch them on the web HERE.  You can find the agendas and staff reports for any upcoming meeting by logging into the City of Reno site, scrolling down to the lower right hand corner and clicking on Meetings.  Coming up on 22 February are two projects that bracket Somersett on the east and west:

–  Sunset Bluffs – This is the huge scar above Mogul that failed several years ago sending several subcontractors into BK.  It extends Gooseberry up from Mogul for a 41 unit subdivision, but ties into Somersett for an emergency second exit.  This is one of the very rare occasions where Reno invoked the terms of the Construction Bond for a project and is demanding that the approved improvements be completed (it is clearly visible to tourists arriving on 80).  The developer wants more time and maybe additional phases, and it will be rubber stamped.  This parcel is NOT one of the identified parcels of interest for Somersett expansion, but you know G Blake is watching the developers closely.

–  Canyon Ranch aka Bull Creek –  This project in Verdi was approved a decade ago but sat until the Lawton Sewer extension project was completed.  It got annexed into Reno along with the Mortensen properties, bought by Reynen & Bardis and added to their holdings, lost to foreclosure, and the new owner is trying to reestablish the original zoning.  Rubber stamp yes, but there are a lot of hazy issues here.

–  Somersett Golf and Country Club – THIS permit showed up to improve the Club-Tent for $3500.  The anti forces are already challenging it for the next HOA meeting.  Popcorn amybody?