So Reno now has our own Victor Newman vs. Jack Abbot drama going on.  Here is the RGJ coverage, though it may go into their archives in a couple of weeks.  If you like reading the hyperbola  included in legal filings, here is Seeno vs. Whittemore  and here is the rebuttal Whittemore vs. Seeno.

This one will play out rather publicly and expensively over the next few years.  In my heart of hearts, I think both complaints probably have a lot of merit.  I would snicker at the irony of it all given the checkered past of the parties involved, but these suits have huge ramifications on the future of some mind bendingly huge properties (Wingfield Springs, Coyote Springs. the Peppermill Reno).

So how do you think this will all play out?  Safe to say that the Lazy-8 casino is in deep freeze.