Remember the early days of the Reno Realty Blog?  When it switched platforms from TypePress to WordPress in January 2008, all the archives were lost.  At least until today!

RRB – The Early Years.

Sure, the links are lost, but it is still an amazing trip down memory lane to those days when derelict barn went for $800K, $300K in the Vue was a steal,  and Lindie, Allen Murray, Got Lots, banteringbear, deRRIcK, smarten, StJoe, SkrapGuy a host of others were still active in the discussion.  Jaded and GreenNV may even make an appearance in the comments.

Any nominations for the “Best of Diane” (now know as  tofumary) post?.  I’ve got a Cactus Creek gift card gathering dust waiting for the winner!