The area of downtown Reno that was really set up for redevelopment during the boom was the West of Wells area.  Not just the areas below Mill that are in the preservation district, but all the way up to the Truckee River.  Some rather large parcels are assembled, and you can see them here on my very amateur CHUNK MAP graphic.  Click on the little yellow post-its for comments.

Is chunky good?  To date, the successful redevelopments in the neighborhood have been property by property by folks like Marmot, Haberae, Jack Hawkins, and even our courthouse steps friends Wood is Good.  The “chunks” represent potential areas of major development, but also sites that could end up eternal black holes.

One chunk that is moving forward and redeveloping is the former Thoma Lofts site at 703 S. Virginia.  Carterville, since no one else seems to have a name for it.  Site work is now complete for what is proposed to be a private mid-block street with up to 17 or so small free-standing retail establishments, and I am anxiously awaiting actual construction permits being approved.  In the mean time, the SVA frontage is our first real look at the South Virgina Street Beautification Project that will soon rip up the street once again.  I dig the wide sidewalks, though it will take generations to continue this down SVA and apply it to all properties.  SVA will be sort of meth-mouth in the interim.