I’d like to welcome the Sierra Canyon folks who are now following this blog.  I like to start my posts with an image, and this one showed up tagged Sierra Canyon Reno.  Sort of appropriate for the road ahead!

592 new homes were sold in Washoe county last year.  40 of those were in Sierra Canyon or close to 7%.  Just a fun factoid.

Village 10 is the last phase of Sierra Canyon as it was originally envisioned.  It consists of 101 lots along Del Webb Parkway West and the western edge of the project.  10A was annexed into the project on 9/28/2010, consisting of 31 lots (it was supposed to be 34, but it looks a few on DWP were shifted to 10B).  10B is supposed to be 23 lots, but may be 26 now.  10C is 20, and 10D is 24, bringing the project back up to the Lodge.

10A is currently built out.  At the current rate of sales (which has been accelerating), the rest of Village 10 will be sold out in a bit over a year.

So what next?  Villages 11 and 12 in Sierra Canyon II have approve subdivision maps filed with Reno, but the lots lack roads, sewers, and any other infrastructure improvements other than rough grading.  They have NOT been annexed into Sierra Canyon or Somersett, for that matter.  It will be really expensive for Pulte to expand the project beyond Village 10.

Do any of you have insider information on what Pulte’s plans are?  As on outside observer, I would guess that they will build out Village 10 and hold off on SC II Villages 11 and 12 until the market improves to support the infrastructure cost required to expand.  The scarcity of new product should increase the value of existing (and now rare) SC properties.  Go Team!