Bits and pieces of downtown news, and some pretty cool “what ifs” I found while researching the River Inn story:

Tessera – The recent demolition of the Shamrock Inn at 5th and Center got gossip flying that the 4 city block Tessera project might be moving again.  Nah, the Shamrock was damaged in a fire last summer, though it is part of the Tessera project area.  All of the other Tessera parcels are still seriously delinquent on their property taxes.

Siena – Could be nothing, or a sign of changes in the partnership.  Reno City Council yesterday approved the transfer of the Siena cabaret license to Davin Colvin, the lead investor in “Grand Siena LLC”.    I can’t find what names appeared on the current license.

Mapes Plaza – AKA the downtown skateboard park.  Van Woert Bigatti architects has some renderings of the proposed restaurant on the east end of the plaza.  Actually, very cool!  Won’t ever happen, but cool.  And no word about the proposed sale of the Cal Neva Garage to the city for $10,000  – that one got buried quickly.

CommRow – Hang Hotel is now going to be the CommRow Hotel.  The slogan “No Smoking.  No Gaming.  No Whining.” has disappeared,  leading me to believe that smoking, gaming and whining are going to be allowed (maybe not smoking).  The listings for all of the food venues have disappeared from their web site.  A $40,000 renovation permit was pulled, but I saw almost no sign of work when I was in there last weekend other than that Twisted is gone.   Let’s hold off totally bagging on the project until the “grand reopening” this weekend.

5th and Keystone – Originally assembled to be a casino project, Van Woert Bigatti did some “envisioning” for a mixed use project on the site.  Don’t hold your breath on this one, as the old strip center has been released and the tenants seem to be doing quite well.  Check out the VWB web site – they have really done some fine work including my favorite, the Nevada Jobs Corp campus in Stead.

8 on Center894 Center Street just sold as an REO for $189,900, full listing price.  That’s $10,000 less than the latest resale at the Holcomb Townhouses, and about $105 psf.   The unit originally “sold” for $495,000.

Credits – photo stolen from Downtown Dude’s site.