REreno ran in the background of RRB for almost 2 years, 82 posts.  My RRB posts were usually composed here, but the REeno versions usually had a little something extra added in for the blogeratti that followed the source.

Now that REreno is freestanding, I’ve got to ask you just what you folllowers would like to see this blog become.  I’ll still post monthly foreclosure statistics, periodic updates on NRES and their ilk, and any weird things that shows up on my radar.  My new “free-boot” status will allow me to name names more freely, though retribution has never been my aim.

REreno in the background was getting about35 hits per day, mostly from folks searching for pictures of marmots or turkeys.  Seriously.  Today, after a couple of weeks of going public,  the site is hitting 200 views consistently.

So I’m asking all of you who read this little blog, where do I take it?   What are you interested in, and interested in enough to actually comment on?