–  Update – Dr. Housing Bubble has a great article on the large number of investment sales in LV.  A third of the buyers are from California, mimicking the Great Bubble.  There is a comment string about Reno housing that is also worth reading (and worth a few chuckles!).

–  HOA Fraud – Bloomberg Business Week has this very interesting and very long article about HOA Fraud in LV.  Intimidation, backroom deals, attempted suicide and a good knee-capping – a must read.  Are things like this happening in Reno?  I know the folks at Somersett and Sierra Canyon are closely following the indictments from down south.

–  Who Bought Kiley Ranch? – Still a mystery, since the buyer “Rising Tides” has still yet to file a list of officers with the Secretary of State.  I would take bets that the initials NP will be involved in the end.

–  Montage Loft – 304 just closed, a 1155 SF loft and probably the most desirable one located at the corner of 2nd and Sierra.  $143,000 or $124 psf.  The only other loft that has sold was 320 which went for $108 psf, but it was the model and heavily tricked out.  One of our readers once had this unit in contract – any comments?

–  King’s Inn – None of the local news outlets has picked up the story yet.  You read it here first!  It is surprising that the property commonly cited as Reno’s biggest eyesore is passing under the radar.

–  Neon – The LV Neon Museum is getting a new addition – make sure to view the slide show.  Where is Reno’s Neon Museum that was supposed to open up in the Montage this summer?  Downtown Makeover on Facebook is on it.

–  I miss 35mm film, specifically the containers it came in.  The lids were the perfect thing to tape over a computer’s kill switch to keep sleeping dogs from crashing the  system.  And we’ve all used the containers for other things!