This was and extraordinarily dull week in Reno RE news.  Most of these items are just “ticklers” to remind me to follow-up  on later.

–  King;’s Inn – The Trustee’s Sale was postponed for the 4th time on the current NOS until 15 December.  I usually don’t feel sympatric for title companies, but I hope this one is on T&M.

–  FedEx building at McCarran and Rock got postponed again.  This is a build to suit on a land lease, and FedEx is clean on this one.

–  Rising Tides, the buyer of the Kiley Ranch properties, has still not filed their list of officers with the Secretary of State.  They have until the end of the month to do so, and I suspect they will use every day and try to slip in over the holiday weekend with some anonymity. 

–  2250 Blue Heron finally went back to the bank.  The for sale sign went up Tuesday, but no MLS listing has been posted so far.   Over the last month or so, the steel rail fence around this property has been cut out.  Angry loser or metal thieves?

–  Reno is proposing to  increase the restrictions on food trucks.  HERE is the proposed ordinance.  For reference, downtown Reno has blocks measuring 300′ east to west, and 400′ north to south.  The 300′ from parks restriction would mean no food trucks within a block of the river.  The 300′ from churches restriction would wipe out 4 square blocks around each of the 3 downtown churches.  The restriction on selling “similar goods” AKA grilled cheese sandwiches would put basically all of the commercial corridors out of play for food trucks.

–  Bah Humbug.  I’m not totally the Grinch!  CVS at Keystone and 7th has really nice apartment/small home Christmas trees for $29 including a serviceable stand.  These are nice 5′ noble firs (NO crappy Doug firs).  And if you are sick of lines at the post office, consider the Verdi PO on Old US 40 / W 3rd / East Verdi Exit.  Easy access from 80, a rush hour means one person in front of you even during the holidays, and they are really NICE.  It’s worth the trip if you are used to dealing with the other POs in the area.

–  Why does Mayberry Villas say they only have 2 units left in the final release when they still have at least 5 still listed on the MLS?

–  The monster house on Juniper Hills continues to grow to it’s 20,000 SF final form.  If you have this much money to burn, why are you building freeway standard sound wall standard fencing between you and your neighbors?  Jeez, show some class.

 –  RGJ goes to Facebook enabled comment format.  FB is evil incarnate in my book, so any requirement to use them to post comments on my local news source  is a heinous affront to public discourse.  I think they will relent under public pressure and hugely diminished page view and web viewing  time.  All because they can’t filter the Kenyan.  Sad.

So wish I had more to tell, but this was a placeholder week and so this is a placeholder post.  But I love geopower’s call to action to get more comments up on this blog.