If you aren’t doing anything Tuesday night, you might want to attend the Real Estate Directions 2012 symposium at RSAA headquarters, hosted by the Reno Real Estate Investors Club.  Erin is appropriately tongue in cheek about the event, but the panel of experts is a who’s who of failed real estate professionals:

–  Ron Bell, leader of the investors club.  Multiple TDs and short sales in his Arrowcreek investments, all the time whining it was the people who attacked the HOA and golf course who were at fault.  Ron is now an advocate for foreclosure squatting based on his Craig’s List  postings. 

–  Ben Galles –  TD.

–  Ken Amundson, former president of the RSAA – TD.

–  Leslie Henderson – Chase to Intero to Coldwell, learned to be a the “short sale expert” by personal experience.  After losing a property, went NOD on another before receiving a loan mod just 3 weeks ago.  At least she had sense enough to cut loose from Intero.

Still, there are some interesting panelists.  Erin Schiller is a straight shooter and provides timely and accurate data to the community.  Brian Kaiser is always quotable in the RGJ.  And Mitch Argon is a god, with by far the most timely and accurate regional real estate data.

So bring ten bucks and a couple cans of hash.  It should be an interesting evening.