I love theme homes.  They can be romantic reflections of the past, or a look at a Jetson’s future, but they always reflect some sort of personal back-story going on  the the owners’ psyche.  You build these because you CAN.

If you are in the Belli Ranch area, check out 555 Leventina Canyon.  This is a brand new English country cottage on steroids with a solar water system.  It is worth the drive to see the mine shaft that has been added to the landscape to complete the owner’s story behind the house (buried septic tank painted black).

65 Waterbuck in Verdi is the log cabin on the “Clear”.  Mountain Vail Chalet on the treeless plains on the river.

But my all-time favorite is the Hobbit House, 885 Hill Lane also in Verdi.

Just listed for $3.7M, there is a lake to the east and the old Cielo alpaca ranch to the west (that’s a whole other post),  this is not a distressed property, the loans on it are minimal, the square footage on the MLS is impossible to track to the Assessor’s estimates (hit Sketch Code).  But the house is just cool in its own way, true to itself and to the owner’s vision and back story.  Now can this unique vision catch some other buyer’s eye at $3.7M is another story.

Update – It looks like the name stuck!  Lots of interior pictures here on this write up from businessinsider.com and again in the WSJ.  Best comment – “Ooops, someone forgot to budget “good taste” in the $3 Million.”