–  Finance Your Trustee’s Sale – That’s the business model of Klaraos Ventures LLC out of Incline Village.  So far only targeting the Central Valley in CA, but would it work here?

–  Belvedere – Very interesting Quiet Title suit going on that will set a precedent.  And to brag a little, the post here on the Belvedere Lien situation got picked up by Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine.

–  A Hulk Returns –  5050 Bella has returned to the market, now completed after a couple years exposed to the elements and asking $595,000.  Purchased in hulk condition by RYBO LLC for $166,500 on August 11 2011.  The principals of RYBO have a lot of experience in foreclosed homes (snark).

 –  CommRow – The Yelp Reviews are starting to come in, and they are mixed at best.  Here is a  review of the project from an architect’s perspective.

 –  Schlachthof  Funf –  WordPress has a problem with umlauts, evidently.  UNR has submitted an application to rezone 104 acres of their University Farm property along McCarran into a commercial PUD with over a million square feet of development.  Staff report is here, just ignore 60 pages of traffic studies.  It actually looks like a reasonable proposal to me, but then again I live in Verdi.  The big rub is Wolf Pack Meats which is just north of the proposed development.  WPN is the only local facility that can both slaughter and process livestock on a small scale.  It is where your 4H cow turns to hamburger, and where the localvore restaurants source their meat.  UNR has been looking at ending their involvement with WMP, and WPM is smack dab in the middle of the most critical of the critical flood plains.  The ground swell of support for WPM is truly heartening (Google it), and their preservation is becoming a Jihad issue.  This is a big one  that came out of nowhere – stay tuned.  Clint J, got any comments on this one?

NOD Dearth – Of the 13 NODs filed in October, NONE were by a financial institution on a single family residence.  There were a couple hard money / owner financing deals, some HOA liens, and a couple of NODs on commercial properties (not sure if they are covered by AB 284 or not).  Only 2 filed so far this month, one an owner carry and the other a $7.5M default on commercial property downtown.  That one will get some follow-up!