The Primadonna Casino looks like it was a pretty colorful place (click to enlarge)! It was located on North Virginia, directly across the alley from what became the Fitz and now CommRow.  when the Golden Phoenix took over, the facade was renovated and the sort of cool stuff behind it was revealed.

Now the Golden Phoenix neon crest has been removed and more of the original facade is visible. 

Fernando Leal inherited this property as part of the Montage project.  I wonder why now for the demolition of the Golden Phoenix neon masterpiece?  Developers don’t just spend money for the fun of it.  More developement on the way?

CommRow is set to have it’s grand opening next Saturday on 1 October.  Their Web Site should go live momentarily.  Their “soft opening” was delayed as construction took a little longer than expected.  I saw the final life safety testing and inspections going on Thursday evening, so the project should start coming to life this week.  I’m tall enough to peek over construction fences and nosy enough to peer into open doors – the elements I’m seeing look pretty cool.  What the gestalt will be is yet to be experienced.  The soft opening is “closed” to the public, but don’t be surprised if you could wander in Thursday or Friday for a sneak peak.

Disco is open and rocking!  That would be the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum.  Downtown Dude took his nieces there this weekend, and has a very cool pictorial of the visit.  If we do another RRB meet and greet, can we do it in the Cloud Climber?

Interesting Planning  hearing coming up for Sierra Canyon.  Seems they want to reduce the minimum rear yard setback from 15′ to 10′ for both the existing homes and Sierra Canyon II.  The staff reports and comments won’t be posted until 1 October in front of the 3 October hearing, but this seems to be about not moving buildings closer to the lot lines, but allowing shade structures to encroach into the setback.  Still, bound to be controversial up at the Raisin Ranch.

I need to give kudos to a new real estate search site I’ve come across.  I’m a huge fan of Mitch Argon for new listings and reduced listings.  Sonic is cool for including multi-family units.  But Reed Minton’s new site rocks them all.  Search for REOs or short sales only.   Foreclosures by date.  Sold properties by area for comps.  The best mapping interface I have ever come across. Incredible flexibility on search options and the ability to save (and delete) your searches.   I am still exploring this site interface, but I’m pretty impressed.  What do y’all think  about it?