2839 Cedar Ridge is an interesting and obnoxious new listing .  I’m pretty sure I can see it up on the ridge line from my yard – dangerous fire location!

–        $633,899 in 4/05.

–        $898,000 in 3/06.  No permits after 2005, so landscape and improvements by previous owner.

–        $400,000 in 5/11 as a short sale.  Seller was a RE agent, who is now the new listing agent!

–        Why the financial conditions?  Was the short sale such a comp killer that they know it will never appraise at listing?  Why exclude conventional financing?  Owner put 25% down and has a $300K loan.  Why not list at $525K so it would qualify for conforming loans with 20% down – just greed?

–        Interesting that the old owner is now listing the property.   Did he manipulate the CMA for the new buyer in order to get the commission later?  And I wonder if he got a commission split on the short sale?

Slimy realtor activity is rife out there right now.   It was one of the factors that got us into this mess, and their greed will keep us from getting out of it.  ( DOMBAVARI, K W HILL,  if you feel like searching)