–  Sierra Canyon – Del Webb annexed 33 lots the 110 or so lot Village 10 into the project last September.  Village 10 is the last phase of the original Sierra Canyon project before work will start on Sierra Canyon II, the moonscape you drive through to get to Verdi.  SC II will be very expensive, since no roads or other infrastructure was installed.  Of the Village 10 lots originally annexed, I only count 5 or 6 without construction activity and a couple new permits have been pulled recently.  Year to date, Del Webb has closed on 24 properties, including 10 Village 10 homes.  They sold 35 homes last year.

–  The Vue – Remember “How to Sell 10 Houses in 3 Days“?  Definitely one for the Best of Diane series!  Centex / Pulte transferred the unbuilt portions to an internal entity called 76 Vue LLC (76 lots) in December 2009 for $794,584.  76 Vue sold 37 lots to Reno 37 LLC for $799,240 six months later in June 2010.  Reno 37 (California Homes of Stockton) has just pulled permits to build a 5 unit cluster.

–  985 Vine Street hit the market for $50,500 last week in the Old Northwest, and has been swarmed with showings.  This house is unusual in that it was built in 1942 and was being sold by the original owner, who died in April 2 weeks short of her 99th birthday.  There are a lot of cute and reasonable houses in this area west of the university.

–  King’s Inn – The Trustee’s Sale scheduled for 19 July was postponed to 23 August at 11 AM.   This sale isn’t tracked by any of the title groups I use, so it is just by luck that I keep running into the sale dates.

–  702 Arlington looks like a really sweet little Old Southwest bungalow, a short sale listed 10 days ago for $174,000 and just reduced to $159,000.  It was purchased for $389,500 in February 2006 and has been renovated since (not 100% complete).  2 loans, a $311,600 first and a $58,425 second, both with National City Bank.  No NOD has been filed, and I get the sense National City may be averse to taking such a hit, so this may not be a real deal yet.  103 Martin was a similar situation, went pending 2 days after listing at $120,000, the bank hemmed and hawed, it ended up in foreclosure, the bank listed it at $105,000 and sold it for $106,000.

–  Chocolate Bar – The rumors are  true, they will be closing their California Avenue location and relocating to the old Divine Ultra Lounge space across from the Palladio.  the sign went up today.

–  Montage – With 126 units now sold, the Montage is one-third full.  One interesting sale was unit 108, one of the first floor row houses with entries off Sierra Street.  $220,000 for the fully furnished 2009 SF unit, or $110 psf.  A couple penthouses are listed in the $215-200 psf range, but haven’t found any takers yet.  Most of the units are selling in the $120-130 psf range, and prices do not look like they have been increasing, as was the original plan.

–  CommRow – Opening of the wall, restaurants and indoor bouldering park are now scheduled for about 1 October.  Some of the parking garage is supposed to be open by then, but I haven’t seen any work going on there yet.

You can click on the image to super size it so you can zoom in.  Notice the tow truck on the bottom left removing the aftermath of the first CommRow Gawker accident!

The view from Plaza and NVA.  I’m amazed just how far the wall juts out over the street, and that it is really a ribbon and not a solid mass.  No comment until it is finished, but this could look really junky when all the routes are installed.

Hiring for CommRow has started on their Jobs page.  I think they may be a little more liberal that the Siena was!