11 state. 13 days, 4500 miles.  Dyson and I are just back from a tour of fly-over country.  Drake stayed here with a dogsitter and ate my house, but that’s a post for later, after the insurance claims.   Here are some random thoughts:

–  Remember all the Wide Load pilot trucks followed by one half or another of a double wide?  I saw exactly zero this trip.

–  There were a lot of pilot trucks with Wide Loads following.  They were all parts of windmills – blades, bases and rotor mechanisms.  Hundreds of them.  There are windmills everywhere in the west / midwest.  Every town has one or more, and there are wind farms on all the ridges.  Nevada is energy retarded as far as I can tell.

–  Wyoming – Can’t we just sell it to Canada and call it a day?  OOPs, except it is booming with natural gas exploration right now.

–  Motels – Try getting a room in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska.  They have all gone to weekly top support all the transients building the pipelines and doing the exploration.  A tree trimming crew from Washington almost squeezed me out 0f a Motel 6 in Billings MT.

–  Iowa – States without a deficit are really annoying me  right now.  Michelle Bachman ads are already running.

–  Chicago –  At least 3 new residential highrises under construction now.  The boom times hit every little enclave in the city, and it makes for some edgy neighbors.  If I weren’t from there, I’d move back there in a second. 

–  Bozeman MT – WOW.  If you are looking for a Reno exist strategy, check out  Bozeman.  The downtown renovations are spectacular, the infill development is generally well thought out.

–  Sun Valley – Idaho, not North Reno.  Billion dollar homes with no real views with freeway noise and private 727’s out of  Hailey.