Inside joke – Jason at the RGJ has ironically dubbed me Sunshine, and he is Buzzkill.

Yeah, I haven’t posted in a while, but I was on a 4500 road trip through fly-over country.  I’ll have some random comments on the trip posted over at in a couple days, so check it out.

–  Holcomb Townhouses – 365 Pine Street just resold for $199,000 after selling at a fire sale for $159.900 in April 2010.

–  Palladio Default –  I think they only still own 1 unit, the freebie rent retail spaces, and the 2 floors of commercial spaces. 

–  Quail AKA Ribeiro – Check out the notices of default filed yesterday.  Over $10M, and this is only on a tiny bit of their portfolio.  The contact person is a neighbor who waves to me on dog walks.  Ribeiro going bad would be a huge hit for Reno.

–  1457 Glarus in Incline – US Bank is suing to clear title on this mess.  Google Paul Jensen Incline for the bloody details.  The court docket is here.  SHON- TE-EAST-A WALKS WITH, SPIRIT CORPORATION even gets involved in this one, and you can learn more about them here.

–  King’s Inn – I’m not holding my breath on this one going through, but the KI (North River Development)  is scheduled again for a Trustee’s Sale on 19 July at 11:00 AM.