–  The West of Wells neighborhood is well on its way to being declared a Conservation District.  The community activism there is credited with lowering the overall crime rate by over 30%.  They got a nice write up in a National Sheriff’s Organization newsletter.  The West of Wells homepage is also a nice read, with some cool documents under the History and Preservation tab.

–  The new YMCA Wellness Center at 100 N. Sierra Street is part way through its new paint job.  New windows have been cut into the 3rd floor to let in some light into the facility (and views out).  What do you think about the new color scheme?  You can see what other people are saying over at the DTM Facebook page.

I kind of think the Sierra Spirit bus was the inspiration for the colors!

–  Get ready for the publicity push for the opening of the Siena.  The RGJ ran an “only in Print” article today that will appear online Tuesday.  You can read page 1 and page 2 here now!  The initial press coverage and media walk-through is Tuesday morning, so expect to get inundated with smarmy praise.  I’m not so sure that the new “S” logo is any improvement over the sort of elegant old Siena logo, and I’m a bit disturbed by the Italian Flying Donuts From Mars light fixtures shown in the RGJ story.  I wont judge (publically!) until they finally open on (or about, per the article) on April 21.  But the new logo and “Casino” signage visible from downtown is less than impressive.

–  The Fitz Garage came up at last week’s RAAB meeting.  With a slip of the lip, the city’s rep mentioned that a deal has been reached to sell the land lease to L3 (generic for Nando) for “a bit over $2.5M.  But the earliest possible closing date mentioned was July, and the city is always overly optimistic.  Can you open a hotel without parking?  That would be a tough one, though maybe the ancellary functions coukl open up.  As of last week, the permit for the wall has been issued, but no permits for the interior renovation of the Fitz have even been applied for.  I guess I would term CommRow as a “fluid” situation.  Their Facebook page is eerily dead, even from the faithful.