A couple hundred people were lined up for the Siena “job fair” by dawn this morning, and an estimated 2000 passed through during the day.  The same is expected on the second fair on Thursday.  It was pretty obvious that most had not read the Siena’s employee profile that was posted on their web site:

“A critical part of the Siena experience is our image to our customers and the community. The single greatest component of our image is the people who make up that image. Therefore, each of our individual appearances will be key to successfully presenting our goals to our customers. We are looking for people who carry a professional look about them at all times. We will not allow visible tattoos, excessive piercings or unconventional hair styles or colors. The Siena is not about self-expression but more about embracing the spirit of hospitality at its highest levels. Individuals should not stand out but merely blend in to a total guest experience that in itself stands out in the minds of our customers.”

In just about any other state, this employee profile would be highly illegal – you might think it, but you can’t say it,  This was as much a casting call as it was a job fair, and most everyone missed the boat.  I kept thing of William Huang auditioning for American Idol – these folks had no clue.  I think a lot of the applicants were going through the motions to obtain documentation to continue their jobless claims.  You certainly don’t apply in flip flops, board shorts and a wife beater exposing your neck tattoos if you seriously expect to be hired here.  What about upscale, no tattoos, limited piercings and “conventional hair” was lost in the translation?

But scattered among the losers were the qualified winners who took it all seriously, dressed for the occasion, and had resumes ready.  I wish them the best of luck in their new careers at the new Siena.  Though in the back of my mind, I’m already imagining what the new new Siena is going to look like once this one fails to find a market.