One of my favorite new finds is the Weekly Permit Reports from the Reno Community Development Department.  The Virtual Permit Place is an utterly worthless disaster for tracking permits, but the weekly list is a great source of information of what is going on.  and once you have an actual permit number, the Virtual Permit Place is actually pretty utile. 

–  Siena has pulled several permits over the last month or so, but the total permit value is less than $200,000.  Redecorating and non-code related items do not require building permits, but it makes me question the extent of the “multi-million dollar” renovation claimed by the new ownership.

–  135 N. Sierra just pulled a $1500 Remodel permit.  This is the Redevelopment Agency’s downtown parking garage, and the smart money is that this permit is for Reno eNVy’s move out of West Street Market.

–  6900 McCarran, the old Magnolia Village at Lakeside, just pulled a $363,482 Tenant Improvement permit.

–  6999 Sierra Center Parkway is a 35,740 spec office building built in 2008, 35,740 SF.  They just received a permit valued at $2,600,000 for tenant improvements.  That is HUGE $/SF by Reno standards.  Anyone have a clue who the tenant is?

–  OK, I’m having a problem with this one, BLD11-03443.  This is a $3,000,000 permit value for Mechanical Retrofit for 1 E. 1st Street, better known as city hall.  (you can pretty much at least double permit value to get the actual project cost)  Reno is broke, laying off public servants from police to firemen to the people who water the flower baskets on the river, and now is the time they decided to revamp the city hall HVAC system?   This better be coming from some sort of grant money or I will raise holy hell.  Do any of you have any background on this?