–  West Street Market – The smart money is that WSM’s days are numbered.  RENO eNVy is reported to be moving out to next to Silver Peak (another Redevelopment Agency project).  Downtown Marketplace is long gone, and the “new” art gallery lasted less than a year.  Se7en was granted and permit for extended hours, but only through March.

–  CommRow – The City approved all the special use and air space permits for the wall and balconies in a virtual love-fest.  I haven’t seen a permit for the interior improvements submitted yet – that’s when I will believe it is all real.  In spite of what you have read in the RGJ, Cashell Jr. is NOT involved in the Fitz / CommRow, though he does hold the gaming permit next door at the old Golden Phoenix / Primadonna, also controlled by Leal.

–  Siena – 4 or 5 permits have been pulled totaling about $200,000 in declared value.  The lobby has been gutted to the ceiling, and the security guard who kicked me out this afternoon said that the rooms were also going to be redone.  Their updated web site details 5 dining “experiences” up from 3 in the old Siena (oh boy, something new, a STEAK house!).  The calendar doesn’t work, but starts on April 21, so I figure that is the target opening date.  There is an employment page now, for any of you looking for work.  If you have visible tattoos, excessive piercings, or non-traditional hair, don’t bother to apply.  Why do I think those might be requirements for employment at CommRow?  Siena’s qualifications before you can apply:

A critical part of the Siena experience is our image to our customers and the community. The single greatest component of our image is the people who make up that image. Therefore, each of our individual appearances will be key to successfully presenting our goals to our customers. We are looking for people who carry a professional look about them at all times. We will not allow visible tattoos, excessive piercings or unconventional hair styles or colors. The Siena is not about self-expression but more about embracing the spirit of hospitality at its highest levels. Individuals should not stand out but merely blend in to a total guest experience that in itself stands out in the minds of our customers.

–  Executive Inn – The old Executive Inn at 205 S Sierra garnered less that favorable reviews.  It has be re-dubbed Sierra Vista (not to be confused with Sierra Vista condos at 567 W 4th Street), gutted, and reborn.  The first floor is retail, the partial 2nd and 3rd floors are built out as office suites, 4-6 are scheduled to be office space, and the 7th floor is build out with 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.  There used to be a rooftop swimming pool on the 3rd floor, but I don’t know if it has been retained.  Sweet if it was!

–  YMCA – They are definitely building a facility on the 3rd floor of 100 N.  Sierra, 14,000 SF and construction is active.  Please, god, punch in some windows!  Sort of odd to take the escalator up to you fitness club, but I’m a fan of irony.   Hopefully, the added rent and added traffic will allow the development of the vacant 1st floor retail space to get some street presence. 

–  POS – Yes, the Port of Subs at 1st and West Streets closed this week.  But there is already an application for a new bar/cabaret permit posted in the front window.

–  Nevada Discovery Museum – This is old City Hall, and major construction has finally started on the exterior while interior construction has been proceeding for quite a while.  I can’t wait for opening day to see what they come up with and may have to borrow your kid to go with me  so I don’t look like a lurker.

–   Blue and White – The water sellers (forget the name) and SVA near Holcomb have relocated their vending station, and their old facility is now actively under construction.  I hear brew pub.  This will be lauded by the West of Wells crowd as progress, while they skewer a proposed mini-mart a couple of doors down.

So even when nothing is happening, there is a lot going on downtown.

Bonus for REreno folks, which will partially explain my recent absence.  Meet Drake, my rescue energizer bunnie lab.   Does anyone know where the OFF button is?