Update 7 December 2010 – check out item J-12 on the City Council agenda  for tomorrow.  What other businesses on West Commercial Row can you name other than the Fitz?  Intriguing.

  If you haven’t been paying close attention, you may have missed  the activity around the Fitz recently.  All the old slots and gaming equipment have been presumably sold off, and trucked off on Friday.  The agreement to sell the ground lease on the Fitz parking garage is back up for consideration this Wednesday by the Redevelopment  Commission (staff report HERE) .   Downtown Makeover and its Facebook Doppelganger page have some juicy details, like no condos and no casino element..  I’m out and about enough to run into Fernando’s license plate in unexpected locations and have done some “asking’”.   You also overhear a lot waiting in line at Reno Permit Department.  You are not going to believe what he has planned.

So what’s in store for the Fitz?  I have only heard bits and pieces, but am in AWE of what Nando is envisioning from what I’ve gleaned.  “World’s Greatest”.  “West Coast’s Only”.  Things for both the Redneck and Riesling sets, for locals and tourists, visitors and local artists and even the local kids.  And not a slot machine in sight anywhere.

The amazing thing is that there are probably a couple hundred local folks that are knowledgeable about at least some aspects of the new Fitz, and they have held their silence.  What Nando is going to build is totally under the  radar.

So don’t give up on the resilience and potential of downtown Reno just yet.  Siena is scheduled to reopen in February, and the Fitz as soon as construction can be completed.   We’re not dead yet!

” Spiderman, Spiderman.  Does whatever a spider can.”    More later.