The Siena Hotel Spa Casino story is fascinating on many levels:  its importance to downtown Reno and to its employees, the “Dynasty” caliber family feud, the ownership structure, the fate of the $50,000,000 the investors are at risk, and the Siena’s place in a much wider financial cataclysm.  I’d like to tell as much of the story as possible, and I’d like your help along the way.

Since I first started following the Siena, your comments, questions and documents have opened up large portions of the Siena story.  This story is epic in size and complexity.  So feel free to add your knowledge or just ask questions to drive the investigation forward.  When you comment on this blog, you comment is not screened and posts instantly, unless you included more than 2 links which sends it into moderation.  I can be contacted off-blog at if you would like to chat privately or would like to transmit documents.

I have no ax to grind with the Siena and have no vested interest in any of the parties involve – I just find the story compelling.  Along the way, our interests in the Siena may be at odds may sometimes be at odds, but that’s OK.  It is the only way the whole story can be told.

If you would like to follow along in detail or data dig on your own, here are some helpful resources:

–  Washoe County Recorder – This site requires a free sign-up.  It is invaluable in tracking recorded documents like deed, deed of trust, lien, subordination and other filings to trace the chain of ownership.  If you ever see a random 7 digit number on these posts, it refers to the Recorder’s Document Number.  If it is a link, you will need to have signed up with the Recorder’s site to view the document.

–  Washoe County Assessor – Great for tracking the ownership of properties, links directly to the tax records and historic property valuations.  You can search by address, owner’s name or parcel number.

–  Nevada Secretary of State – The Online Data page is where you search for the ownership of business entities.  Hint – you can also search by the Director’s name to see what businesses they are connected to.

–  PACER – PACER gives you access to court filings throughout the Federal Court system, and Bankruptcy Court in particular.  It is addictive.  You have to register, and you are charged $.08 for every document page you view, but it is an incredible resource and the documents can be saved in pdf format.

OK, looking forward to your comments and input.  I’ll be back before too long with Part  1 – The Cast of Characters.  Until then, here is a little trip down memory lane of the Siena as the Holiday Hotel.